Твой личный гид в образовании за рубежом

Concord College, Великобритания, A-Level

Dear Linkturs Staff, The college makes a very good impression; I am glad and thankful that I have the opportunity to study here at Concord. Studying, as it should be, is relatively hard in Concord, especially comparing to Latvia. After my studying without doing a single thing back home, it took me quite a while to dig in the education process and overcome my laziness (which was my most eager during the last 3 months :). You don’t get much compulsory homework, but as I quickly found out that 2 hours dedicated for preparation here weren’t done without purpose... Almost for every subject a lot of extra work should be done, especially for economics, and, because of my self-confidence and indolence, I experienced a certain lack of good marks in my first term. I hope I will be an example for each future student coming here, and they won't overestimate their freedom as I did. My exams aren't far away, but because of my recent improvement, every day 'zubrozhka' and the Saturday tests (that are annoying but helpful), I feel confident in approaching them. All in all, you should study hard and wise at Concord. You really should. As for the surrounding here, it's great. All my schoolmates are very supportive; the elder students are helpful and nice. The teachers are good. It seems that the teachers, the staff and the principal are really interested in wellbeing of the first students from Latvia. The courses are getting more interesting. Since I started learning law, I am surer and surer that I would choose it as my future profession. Economics weren't that exiting at the beginning, but it keeps getting better further in the course process. I am sincerely thankful for the assistance you gave me, for the support and encouragement for me and my parents. Big thanks. You can’t rate a handful of help and support. It’s just great. Real BIG thanks and best wishes.

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