Твой личный гид в образовании за рубежом

University of Portsmouth, Великобритания, BA in Interior Design

I am studying BA Interior Design at the University of Portsmouth. I heard about Portsmouth for the first time when I was searching for a university to apply to. The agency that was helping me with my application documents highly recommended the University of Portsmouth. To become an interior designer has been my dream for about 4 years. Therefore I didn't have any doubts which course to choose. I really enjoy my course, the tasks we are given and our tutors. The studies are very interesting and diverse. We even had a trip to Paris to take inspiration for one of our projects. I really like the creative approach to the studying process - it makes students more interested and involved in their studies. I am very satisfied with the environment the University provides for students - it is a modern and convenient place for studying. We have a wonderful computer room with all the software required for designing and printing. Moreover, we have an online learning environment which is provided individually for each student and helps a lot. I am very happy that I chose the University of Portsmouth. I have only positive impressions from my studies, the regular student events organized by the University and the general atmosphere. I have found many new friends here who have come from all over the world for their studies, just like me. Unfortunately I have not joined any clubs or societies yet but I plan to do this soon as there is a very wide choice. Students can join the social life in the Student Union, enjoy parties, become a club or society member and find a lot of friends. There are also special events for international students which help you to make new friends at the University and settle into life in the UK. When I have free time, I prefer to go for a walk around Portsmouth with my friends or visit other towns and cities. I spend a lot of time near the sea, especially as I like to jog along the seashore. Portsmouth is a very nice place to live in or to visit. It has many historic and very beautiful places. For me it’s very important that we have the sea and a lovely beach.

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